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Dog tag heart shape

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Brand new: red heart tokens

Our Zeeland Dog dog tags are a stylish and safe companion for your next walk out iindividual mwith name and symbol engraved on the front and your telephone number on the back.

If, in the worst case, your dog should run away, you can be calmer because you can easily be contacted through the engraving of your phone number so that your darling will be back home quickly.

We manufacture our dog tags from exclusive acrylic glass with a satin and metallic surface. These have the advantage that they are particularly light and quiet to wear on the collar. They are also waterproof (even in salt water) and more scratch-resistant than metal tags, for example.

The Zeeland Dog dog tags are handcrafted directly for you in our factory in Zeeland on the Dutch coast: 

Handmade with❤️in Zeeland.

Design your personal Zeeland Dog dog tag for your darling now.

Individually with name and your telephone number.

Every Zeeland Dog product is made to order with a lot of love for you by hand in our small Zeeland Dog factory. Manufacturing time is approximately 10-14 business days.

made in Zeeland


offers you real SEA value 🌊

Our products are robustly manufactured and offer all Zeeland fans a nautical-looking favorite piece for their next walk. Whether on the beach or as a reminder of the sea when you're back home.

Real handwork

We are proud of that!

Every ZEELAND DOG product is a unique piece which is manufactured with great attention to detail and passion using traditional craftsmanship techniques in our small studio in Zeeland.

Handmade within Zeeland

The right size

How to measure the correct length for your new Zeeland Dog collar:

With a flexible tape measure, place it in the middle of the neck and measure snugly. You then enter the number in the size field. ♥

Attention: This may vary for EM chains. You will find this in the respective description.

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