We are dogsmopolitan

since 2014 we are your contact if you are looking for beautiful things for your dog. You can find us in the state capital of NRW Düsseldorf and on the most beautiful beach in the Netherlands in Domburg.

From cool, individual and robust dog toys to chic dog leashes and dog collars, heavenly dog ​​beds and care products to BARF from animal welfare, dog food (wet and dry) and the Dogsmopolitan snack bar for the mixed bag of chewing snacks, you will find everything for your darling with us.

There are many different individual and trendy labels from all over the world to discover - whether USA, England, Australia, the Netherlands and especially from small manufacturers in Germanywho make authentic products with no frills.

Our own four-legged friends are the most important product testers. Only what Snoepje, Henry, Bluf, Cedric, Kaylee, Caragh, Cooper, Findus and the two Lottas like is also offered to you and your furry friends.

Our team also includes the five cats Waldi, Kimba, Finnley, Curry and Ruccola, who support us in the home office and have given us the inspiration for Catsmopolitan with really cool cat products. 

Henry and his animal colleagues are also extremely quality-conscious when it comes to nutrition. We are certified nutritionists for dogs and cats according to Swanie Simon and are happy to support you with our BARF advice in the appropriate nutrition of your favorite.

We look forward to you and your fur nose ♥




Viola studied business administration and managed a large marketing team in Düsseldorf for a global cosmetics group. She is a certified nutritionist for dogs and cats and set up the DOGSMOPOLITAN stores in Düsseldorf and Domburg with her extraordinary style.

With her flair for meaningful and individual trends, she ensures the unique range and takes care of the entire back office and the Dogsmopolitan online shop.

Dog: Snoepje (pointer mix) and Kater Waldi (house cat) 


is a certified nutritionist for dogs and cats and provides perfect individual care for all questions regarding accessories and food, especially for puppies and sick animals.

Nadine knows the "dog world" like no other and knows exactly which quality is the best, so that a number of veterinarians recommend individual food/BARF advice from Nadine. 

Dog: Henry (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) Cat: Finnley & Kimba (Ragdolls)

Store Dusseldorf


is just like her mega fast greyhound bitches Kaylee & Caragh the whirlwind in the Dogsmopolitan Store and is responsible for the competent customer care and organization.

Claudia is involved in animal welfare for greyhounds from Ireland and is a trained dog physiotherapist and dog osteopath with her own practice and therefore knows the health of dogs perfectly.

Dog: Kaylee & Caragh (greyhounds)

Store Dusseldorf


Living, furnishing and photography are Katja's passion. As a certified home stager, Katja is the perfect contact when it comes to living with a dog. In addition, she not only puts your home in the limelight, but also your darling as a photographer. Talk to Katja.

Dog: Lotta (Beagle)

Store Dusseldorf


The love of the sea, wind and dunes brought Kathrin to Zeeland with her entire family. She is the style queen and Zeeland Dog expert at Dogsmopolitan Store Domburg. No trend escapes her and if you are ever unsure which color or design to choose, just listen to Kathrin :-)

Dog: Lotta (Labradoodle)

Store Domburg


Is the real Domburger at Dogsmopolitan. Even when things get hectic in the Domburger Store, she doesn't let herself be disturbed and will advise you on all questions relating to your darling. With her charming manner, she ensures the real Dutch shopping experience.

Dog: unfortunately we don't have a dog of our own at the moment

Store Domburg


Her gift is the perfect advice and with her wonderful handwriting, she ensures that product information and prices in the Düsseldorf store catch your eye. In addition, she is currently completing her training as a barf consultant and is therefore another competent contact person in the Düsseldorf store for all questions relating to food.

Dog: unfortunately we don't have a dog of our own at the moment

Store Dusseldorf


is the organizational talent and the absolute Domburg insider at Dogsmopolitan. Love brought Kathrin von Iserlohn to Domburg. She has lived here for over 10 years now. And if you are still looking for a room with a dog, you can certainly find what you are looking for with her and her husband at Hotel De Burgh.

Dog: Bluf (Bernerdoodle)

Store Domburg


At Dogsmopolitan, Kerstin ensures the perfect workflow in the Dogsmopolitan warehouse. She manages the stocks for our stores and the online shop, orders new goods and manages customer support. 

Dog: Cedric (greyhound)

Dogsmopolitan Warehouse


Whether social media campaigns, newsletters or cooperations. Vivi ensures perfect corporate communication at Dogsmopolitan. Besides her dog Vizsla Cooper, her horse Willy is her great passion.

Dog: Cooper (Magyar Vizsla) Horse: Willy (Arabian)

Store Dusseldorf & Domburg


Love brought Emily from Cologne to Zeeland. At Dogsmopolitan she is the absolute toy expert. Whether it's a swimming, plush, rope, throwing or intelligence toy. Emily has tested everything and will give you perfect advice.​

Dog: Digna (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

Store Domburg


Alexander is responsible for the timely dispatch of your orders at the Dogsmopolitan Warehouse. Maybe you will meet Alexander in your next order (at least handwritten on our thank you card).

Dog: unfortunately we don't have a dog of our own at the moment

Store Domburg


is animalmed. Specialist who, in addition to her great expertise for dogs, is your contact person, especially for cats. Lena has
always in a good mood, is crazy about animals and always ensures a good mood in the Dogsmopolitan Store, even when things get stressful.

Dog: Findus (Rhodesian Ridgeback) | Cats: Curry & Rocket | Horse: wit

Store Dusseldorf


Concept Store Dusseldorf & Domburg