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Hyggebed: The orthopedic dream dog bed

The HYGGEBED shows how a modern and well thought-out viscoelastic orthopedic dog bed / dog pillow must be:
High-quality, cuddly materials, the finest workmanship and healthy lying comfort Thanks to high-quality filling from the human area combined with a stylish design, the HYGGEBED is an absolute cuddly dog ​​bed.


We are proud of that!
Each HYGGEBED is a unique piece which is manufactured with great attention to detail and passion using traditional craftsmanship in our tailor manufacture in Germany.

Of course we could also produce in the Far East or other low-wage countries - but we don't want to! We are convinced that once you buy it sensibly, it makes more sense than worrying about "cheap".


★ Thousands of ultra-soft viscous flakes (memory foam) and PUR air cell sticks ensure perfect regeneration of the body during sleep and rest

★ The HYGGEBED filling is pressure-distributing, breathable and allergy-neutral. It adapts perfectly to the body contour of your dog and provides an indescribable feeling of lying down as well as perfect relief and relaxation of the spine and joints

★ The unique HYGGE-Fill is absolutely quiet and enables your dog to sleep peacefully, as if on cloud nine


★ The HYGGEBED filling is permanently elastic and dimensionally stable and always returns to its original shape


★ Due to the round shape, your dog can lie very relaxed in the middle and put its head on the edge, curl up, or stretch out completely


We only use the very best fabrics that are hard-wearing, long-lasting, washable and easy to care for and offer the highest level of comfort that make the HYGGEBED a real cuddle dream.


Offer your darling a new berth and your furnishings a new look in no time at all. The HYGGEBED comes with an ultra-soft long and an equally soft short-haired side. For example, you can use the pleasantly cooling short-haired side in summer and the cozy, warming long-haired side in winter.


Really great - also for bipeds. The high-quality 360 ° zipper enables easy maintenance. This means that the cover can be easily removed and washed at 30 ° C.


The HYGGBED is equipped with a comfortable handle and is very easy to transport. For example, your dog does not have to do without his HYGGEBED while on vacation.

The comfort and coziness that our Hyggebed & accessories collection offers are priceless. Each product is carefully selected and tested to ensure maximum satisfaction and long-lasting use.

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In our range you will find a selection of Hyggebeds & accessories that are both stylish and functional. We believe that good sleep is the foundation of a healthy and happy lifestyle, so we offer you products that support this goal. That is the promise of the Hyggebed & Accessories collection.