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148 Products

The right dog toy

Dog toys should be "dog-friendly". Above all, this means that it satisfies the dog's natural play needs: chewing, tugging, fetching, thinking and cuddling. It is ideal if you offer your own toy for every need. After all, your darling will also enjoy variety.

The different dog play needs

Chewing & Tugging: Most dogs love dragging and prey games very much. Since this releases great forces, the toy should be made of particularly robust and hard-wearing material. The classic here is our knot made of natural hemp, which is available in the right size for every dog.

To hunt: Throwing and retrieving toys are ideal for directing the natural hunting instinct of your furry nose towards the toy and thus controlling it. Targeted retrieval training also promotes bonding. Try a snack dummy: The treats inside the bag encourage your dog to pick up the bag. As soon as he brings it, a fine reward beckons. If you don't want to work with food, you can alternatively use a toy with a squeaker. Just try out whether your darling can be better motivated with food or a squeaker.

Important: You should only play dragging and retrieving games with your dog after the teeth have been changed, i.e. at the earliest from the fifth to seventh month of life. With the forces at work here, there is otherwise the risk of damaging the dental apparatus.

Cuddling: Plush toys are suitable for dogs of all ages. Four-legged friends like to carry them around, to cuddle with them or to use them as sleeping pillows. Dogsmopolitan offers a perfect selection of dog toys here: They do not contain any small parts that could come loose and be swallowed by the four-legged friend, and are free of chemical substances that could be ingested when carried in the mouth.

Intelligence: IQ toys also belong in a dog household, because physical training is not enough to keep our smart four-legged friends busy. IQ toys are specially designed for dogs' mental work. Since the toy is available in different levels of difficulty, even beginners quickly have a sense of achievement. Dogs also have great fun earning some of their food.

Swim: Dogsmopolitan has great swimming toys in its range for dogs who love the water. Due to the buoyancy and additional functions such as the visibility (setting up) of the toy in the water, they offer that extra portion of fun in the water.

The chewing behavior 

When choosing a toy, you should also consider your dog's chewing behavior. Dogsmopolitan offers you different toys with a wide range of options for every individual dog type.

Gentle chew: Our plush toys are particularly suitable for dogs with a particularly soft mouth, who only chew on their toys a little and rarely tug on them. It is very soft and is gentle on the dental apparatus. It is not suitable for strong walkers or it usually only has a short lifespan. 

Strong chewers: Robust products such as ropes or tennis balls that have been specially developed for dogs and are tooth-friendly are ideal for dogs with a more pronounced chewing instinct and powerful play behavior.

Extreme chew: Dogs that have an extremely strong chewing instinct and rather wild play behavior need toys that can withstand a lot. Our BEco ball with rope is ideal for these wild contemporaries: even the strongest jaw can hardly harm it.

Note: Despite the highest quality: No dog toy is indestructible.