The right dog bed for your darling

Our dogs spend the night and a large part of the day in their bed - up to 17 hours a day. For them it is not just a place to sleep, but also a place of retreat that gives them security and where they can recharge their batteries. Your own "nest" is of great importance for your dog's quality of life. Therefore, every dog ​​needs its own sleeping place, and it has to fit: the size, age and health of your fur nose must be taken into account when buying.

But it has to be right for us humans too. Your own sleeping and resting place should also fit perfectly into the living area and should therefore be selected like a piece of furniture.

A dog bed for every phase of life

As a rule, you need at least three dog beds: for the puppy, the adult dog and the senior. Because every phase of life has its own priorities. If a puppy moves in soon, please do not buy a dog bed for an adult dog just because the little one will "grow into it". Otherwise your fur nose lacks the cuddle and safety factor. 

Size and shape

Finding the right size is very easy, by the way: Just measure the total length of your dog when stretched out. Now add 20 to 30 centimeters of leeway and you have the optimal diameter for the new dog bed. It should definitely not be smaller: Even dogs, which prefer to curl up to sleep, like to lie stretched out on their bed during the deep sleep phase. Whether the bed is oval, rectangular, round or square is up to you. The only important thing is that your darling can still fit on the lying surface in any sleeping position.

The filling

A high-quality filling is extremely important so that your dog is comfortable and cozy over the long term.

Fillings made of polyester or fleece are particularly common. In fact, they are very soft and comfortable, and are great choices for small to medium-sized dogs. On the other hand, they are not suitable for large four-legged friends, because under their weight the material is quickly flattened and the cushioning function is no longer applicable.

When buying your dog bed, please make sure that a high-quality filling has been used. “Waste” from the bed industry is often processed and there are feathers and all sorts of other colorful materials.

We always recommend our customers to choose a dog bed with viscoelastic material, which adapts to the body shape precisely and thus relieves the bones and joints.