BARF from animal welfare

We are proud of that!

We offer you the very best fresh meat for dogs and cats and are

THE Address for high-quality BARF products in Düsseldorf.

 Because barf is not just barf.

 Proper feeding of a dog starts with the source of the meat:

How and where did the animal grow up? What was fed?

 Our concern is the well-being and health of our darlings.

True to the motto "You are what you eat", we at DOGSMOPOLITAN offer a fresh and healthy BARF selection of the highest quality without the addition of vitamin and mineral mixtures or artificial colors and preservatives.

We only use the best raw materials, most of which come from the region and which are taken regularly carefully processed under veterinary control. 

No factory farming, no feeding of antibiotics or high-tech feed, no transport routes, no slaughterhouse waste or inferior quality, no molded meat, no bone meal and appreciation for each individual animal have convinced us and will also inspire you and your best friend. Certainly!!!

Because if someone is critical about the food for our own four-legged friends, then we are :-)

 - no protein substitutes like soy

- no artificial flavors

- no flavor enhancers

- no added sugar

- no added water