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Our TOOTHPREAM - mild enzymatic cleaning, anti-inflammatory and caring

LILA LOVES IT MINERAL TOOTHPREAM is a mild but effective toothpaste. Thanks to its natural, mineral base, enriched with plant enzymes, it cleans the teeth intensively. The oral flora is optimized and stabilized in the long term. When used regularly, the TOOTHPREAM has a prophylactic effect against plaque, tartar and unpleasant breath odor. This prevents excessive bacterial colonization of the oral cavity and teeth. The TOOTHPREAM thus makes a lasting contribution to keeping your pet healthy. The combination of ingredients developed by pharmacists and veterinarians ensures the high effectiveness of the TOOTHPREAM, which is carefully processed in our factory according to pharmaceutical standards. 

This trio of active ingredients makes our TOOTHPREAM unique - papain, coconut oil and turmeric

The LILA LOVES IT TOOTHPREAM MINERAL shines with valuable ingredients. Papain, an enzyme obtained from papaya, has a broad protein-splitting effect. This helps to gently loosen plaque and remove discoloration. Coconut oil is known for its bacteria-inhibiting effect, so it works against bacteria and inflammation in the oral cavity while at the same time caring for the oral mucosa. Turmeric and its anti-inflammatory properties have long been known in medicine. It strengthens teeth and gums and is said to provide relief from pain, swelling and inflammation of the gums. Together with coconut oil, turmeric is an insider tip for natural, gentle teeth whitening. These three great ingredients are supported by other great helpers such as clay and silica. Thus, our TOOTHPREAM is a real natural cleaning miracle.

Quantity per tube: 75 ml

Shelf life: use within 6 months after opening.

Basic price per 100ml: € 15,00