Leibgarde -  Kräuterheld für das Immunsystem
Leibgarde -  Kräuterheld für das Immunsystem

Life guard - herbal hero for the immune system

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Bodyguard - strong immune defense for hard times

The immune system has to recognize which substances are unfavorable and which ones have to be "waved through" because they are useful or even have endogenous structures. An important and extremely complicated task, which the immune system performs masterfully! Sometimes this is more stressed than on other days: after recovering from an illness, in bad posture or in other stressful situations of everyday dog ​​life. Here, the Terra Canis herbal hero "Life Guard" helps to set up the dog's defenses more effectively and to support the immune system. Vitamin C suppliers such as sea buckthorn, pomegranate and ariona berries are supplemented by other representatives such as cleavers and echinacea as well as a Bach flower rescue mixture with gentian - a truly heroic combination for the immune system.


Cleavers, coneflowers, sea buckthorn berries, aronia berries, rosehip peel, elderberries, nettle leaves, cornflowers, cat's paws, pomegranate seeds, Bach flower essence (Rescue mixture with Gentian)

Supplementary feed for dogs.

Content: 100g

About the Terra Canis HERBAL HEROES

Medicinal herbs have a tradition going back thousands of years: in ancient Greece, in Indian Ayurveda therapy, in the teachings of the famous healer Hildegard von Bingen or in traditional Chinese medicine. Health herbs have always played a major role in medicine and therapy for humans and dogs. Stories that have been handed down tell us that people once copied the use of medicinal herbs from animals and thus learned about their effects. Examples of this are the chamois, which when bitten by a snake instinctively eats a certain herb that inhibits the venom; and bears also know in the spring after their hibernation which herbs strengthen them and give them strength.
More than 250.000 medicinal herbs are currently known, the health-preserving and health-promoting effects of which have in many cases been proven in scientific studies. Conventional medicine is also increasingly using naturopathy to accompany traditional medical therapy.

With the herb heroes, health herbs are combined with Bach flowers in one product for the first time. With the herbal heroes, Terra Canis is presenting a completely new product concept in the area of ​​nutritional supplements and naturopathy. The ten Terra Canis heroes are geared towards ten common, typical dog diseases or complaints: Stomach & intestines, fear & restlessness, fur & eyes, joints & bones, immune system, heart & blood vessels, kidneys & urinary tract, metabolism & diet, respiratory tract , Sexual Dysfunction. For these products, the herbs known in naturopathy for the respective complaints are mixed together. The corresponding Bach flowers are sprayed onto these mixtures and dried.

The herbal heroes are suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages, as a multi-week cure or as a permanent dietary supplement.
The Bach flowers and herbs are of medicinal quality and are regularly examined. Developed with a veterinarian and specialist from the European Academy for Naturopathy and Environmental Medicine.