Kuschelweicher Fleece-Pullover grau/marine

Cuddly soft fleece sweater gray / navy

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Our super cozy reversible fleece pullovers are made of extremely soft 4-way stretch and are sewn in two layers. So they keep you warm - even in a strong North Sea wind ;-)

They are simply pulled over the head and front paws and, thanks to the stretch material, they are also great for strong dogs. No seams, waist straps, Velcro or leg loops - so your dog has complete freedom of movement and nothing disturbs when lying, sitting and running. Everything stays in its place and nice and cozy.

A bit of drizzle doesn't bother the sweater, but if it's really raining, we recommend pulling a coat over the sweater. It is not waterproof.

Can be worn alone or pulled under any dog's coat. We don't want to miss the fleece sweater anymore.

Laundry: 30 degrees, no dryer. But it dries very quickly.


Size 6: back length 12-17cm

Size 8: back length 17 - 22cm

Size 10: back length 23 - 29cm

Size 12: back length 28 - 33cm

Size 14: back length 33 - 38cm

Size 16: back length 38 - 43cm

Size 18: back length 43 - 48cm

Size 20: back length 48 - 53cm

Size 22: back length 53 - 58cm

Size 24: back length 58 - 63cm

Size 26: back length 63 - 68cm