Kratzmöbel MAZE 5in1
Kratzmöbel MAZE 5in1
Kratzmöbel MAZE 5in1
Kratzmöbel MAZE 5in1
Kratzmöbel MAZE 5in1
Kratzmöbel MAZE 5in1
Kratzmöbel MAZE 5in1
Kratzmöbel MAZE 5in1

Scratcher MAZE 5in1

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Cardboard scratching furniture MAZE

Create a comfortable space for your cat with this unique 3-in-1 foldable cardboard cat bed that fulfills your cat's instincts to scratch, sleep and play. This stylish and functional design creates a great spot for your feline friend to while away the time.

It doesn't get any cooler! The MAZE 3-in-1 Folding Cardboard Cat Bed features a lounger, cat scratcher and cat scratching toy all in one. The cardboard bed offers maximum comfort, but at the same time takes up little space in your home. It also includes a ball of catnip, your cat will no doubt love chasing the ball around the track for hours!

Innovative different shapes

Fun fact: did you know that it is possible to assemble the MAZE in 5 (!) different ways? The variability of the MAZE cardboard cat bed allows you to create more shapes for your cat. When you get tired of one shape, you can just fold it into another shape and it creates something completely new.


No tools are required, the MAZE is easy to assemble and disassemble. Secure the handles with the Velcro and your cat can start playing, scratching or lounging! You can fold it up and store it.

Attention! No cardboard toy is indestructible. Although the MAZE is made of strong honeycomb paper, please note that it will change with enthusiastic use.

  • Ideal for cats that like to curl up
  • Perfect for use in areas where space is limited
  • Can be mounted in 5 different ways
  • Modern design perfectly complements any home decor without interfering with furniture
  • Made from strong honeycomb paper to withstand everyday use
  • Ideal for interactive lounging and playing
  • Eco-friendly solution; can be recycled after use
  • The ball is made of catnip
  • Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 18 cm

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