Zeeland Dog Hippie Kettchen mit EM-Keramik gegen Zecken & Flöhe Rose couture

Zeeland Dog Hippie necklace with EM ceramic against ticks and fleas Rose couture

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It doesn't always have to be chemistry! But it can be a hippie!

Our hippie chain not only looks stylish, but can also help against ticks and fleas with its EM pipes.

But what is EM?

EM stands for "Effective Microorganisms".

When wearing an EM ceramic collar, a Japanese scientist had positive experiences with ticks. Significantly fewer or almost no ticks were discovered. This is due to the resonance vibration of the EM ceramics. They harmonize and vitalize the dog's coat and body and have a deterrent effect on ticks.

In addition, EM ceramic collars can have a particularly positive effect on the psyche and physical well-being of the dog. Insecure dogs are often much safer and nervous dogs are more balanced.

We are convinced that we have tested our hippie chains in the tick high area - it helps a lot for us!

The hippie chain is worn in addition to the collar or harness and does not replace a normal collar. It has the greatest effect when it is worn all day.

The hippie chain should sit loosely on the dog's neck (not dangling). 

Please measure where the chain should sit, normally tight around - not too tight and not too loose, plus 1 finger in between, results in the neck circumference we need! 

Care instructions: We recommend rinsing the hippie chain 1-2 times a week under cold water and then placing it in the sun to regenerate.