🐈Hanfknoten ★ unser Liebling ★
🐈Hanfknoten ★ unser Liebling ★
🐈Hanfknoten ★ unser Liebling ★
🐈Hanfknoten ★ unser Liebling ★
🐈Hanfknoten ★ unser Liebling ★
🐈Hanfknoten ★ unser Liebling ★

🐈Hemp knot ★ our favorite ★

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The hemp knot is our all-rounder and our bestseller when it comes to cat toys! 

With us, the knot is a toy, nibbling and licking satisfaction, stress management and pacifiers ;-)

You might think a rope knot - we've already tried that and my dog ​​thinks it is so-so. Maybe, but not our hemp knot!

It consists of harmless, natural hemp and due to the natural, intense smell of their own, the balls have a highly stimulating character and encourage chewing. They are great for cleaning teeth. In addition, the hemp can break down in the cat's gastrointestinal tract better than a standard cotton rope - an absolute advantage compared to all cotton ropes.

Handmade cat toy in Düsseldorf made from natural long hemp.

The hemp knot is free from additives and environmentally friendly. Our knots are a 100% natural product and contain no additives. They are environmentally friendly because they are made from a renewable raw material.

However, please never leave your cat alone or unattended with a knot.

All products are handmade, so the dimensions and appearance may vary slightly.

S: ball diameter approx. 6 cm, total length approx. 20 cm


Our advice:
Soak the ball once in water before use. This allows the hemp strands to contract even more and the ball can withstand more. We simply cut off chewed rope parts.