Extradicker Matatabi-Stick Spielspaß & Zahnpflege

Extra thick matatabi stick fun & dental care

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Cats love matatabi! The natural toy smells tempting and invites you to play and nibble! 

Matatabi is a particularly effective cat herb that often seduces even cats that do not respond to catnip at all. It triggers a euphoric reaction (the so-called catnip response), a real elation for cats. The cats sniff, roll over and rub against it. Matatabi sticks have another special use, because they induce many cats to chew on them and at the same time care for their teeth and gums. 

Similar to catnip and valerian, the euphoric effect lasts for very different lengths of time, from a few minutes to max. Everything is possible for about half an hour. Then your cats are first "immune" to the lure and also for different lengths of time, from a few hours to the next day.  

In contrast to catnip or valerian, Matatabi contains a whole cocktail of substances that (most) cats really love and so it is no wonder that Matatabi has always been one of the most popular cat toys in his native Asia. Matatabi is a 100% natural product! There are branches of Actinidia polygama, called the ray pen, Silver Vine or Japanese Catnip. 

fatty is particularly suitable for cats that gnaw matatabi a lot. So the nibbling tooth brushing fun simply lasts twice as long! 

  • Pack contains 1 matatabi stick
  • 100% natural product
  • Ø approx. 1,5-2 cm 
  • Length approx. 12 cm

Safety advice:

Your cat can (and should!) Chew on the sticks and gnaw them. Salivating, rubbing and rolling are normal reactions - they can vary in intensity depending on the cat. Nevertheless, you should only offer the sticks in your presence and not make them available permanently. If you only offer them every now and then, they'll stay interesting and exciting for a long time.